Estate Sales, Buyouts, and other options

So you need to liquidate an estate and you’re not sure where to start. You have lots of questions, and we have just many answers. The first thing you should know about us is, we’re flexible. We enjoy what we do and we hate to say no.

We offer no risk, no pressure, and risk-free consultations. Some companies won’t leave your home without a signed contract. That’s not how we roll. The last thing anyone needs at a time like this is doubt. We value your confidence, and we encourage you to interview other companies to weigh the pros and cons before signing on with anyone.

We host estate sales at your location (wherever you might be!) at competitive rates. We stage, setup, price, and market all before our mutually agreed upon dates. After the sale, you will receive your percentage straight from the gross sales. We deduct advertising costs, NM gross receipts tax, and other expenses from our commission, AFTER you are paid. There are no hidden charges or surprise fees passed on to you. What you see is what you get.

If you need your premises empty (say, to go on the market with a realtor), we offer a buyout service, in which we purchase all remaining contents after the sale. We will deliver donations to a local non-profit, and return the tax-deductible receipt to you. We will dispose of mattresses and paint cans with the local dump. Yes, we will keep some inventory to flip at another venue at a later date, but with this option, we are essentially paying you to clean your house! (We don’t do windows. We don’t haul HAZMAT.)

If you’d like to forego a sale, we can skip straight to buyout negotiations. We also offer hauling and moving services if you just need to get stuff out of the way. We’re easy! And we’re willing to work with any combination of the above to get you through an otherwise stressful time.

Thank you for calling on us. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to help you.